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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

ATTN Military Spouses: For a limited time, the Department of Defense has expanded eligibility for My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) to the first 1,250 approved applicants in the ranks of E-6 and O-3. MedCerts is an approved school for the MyCAA scholarship.

Education for military spouses is as unique as the military lifestyle itself. As a military spouse, you face some educational challenges, but you also have access to opportunities that very few people receive.

For instance, you need a relatively mobile career, along with non-traditional educational opportunities, to support your lifestyle. However, you have access to military funding opportunities such as MyCAA to make getting the education you need easier.

Finding the right educational opportunity means looking for opportunities that play to your strengths. That’s where programs like MedCerts can help. Here’s what you need to know about MedCerts for military spouses and what to expect in a day in the life of a MedCerts student.

What Is MedCerts for Military Spouses?

MedCerts provides short-term online healthcare and IT industry training opportunities for anyone who needs a flexible environment. During a MedCerts program, learners set their own pace and determine when to add studying into their day. The average MedCerts program is six months with a recommended 15 to 20 hours of coursework per week, which means it won’t take over your life.

That makes MedCerts an excellent choice of education for military spouses. Even if you need to relocate halfway through a course, you can continue the program without missing a step. Furthermore, MedCerts’ focus on the healthcare and IT fields gives you an introduction to some of the most flexible careers in the country. A MedCerts certification can help you get a job no matter where you live.

Plus, MedCerts is an approved training provider for MyCAA and has been helping military spouses start their careers since 2009 – so they are no stranger to the needs of you and your family.

A Day in the Life of a Military Spouse and MedCerts Student

No two MedCerts students have the same life. That’s why MedCerts’ flexibility is so valuable. However, an average day for a military spouse and MedCerts student may look something like this:

  • 6 am: Wake up and get kids up for breakfast, then drive them to school

  • 7:30 am: Return home to watch an instructor-led lecture on the class subject of the day

  • 8:30 am: Handle daily chores and errands

  • 1 pm: Study with MedCerts interactive skills activities and immersive environments

  • 3 pm: Pick up kids from school and handle any other tasks and errands

  • 5 pm: Make dinner and talk with your spouse

  • 6 pm: Do homework alongside the kids

  • 7 pm: Relax with the kids, then put them to bed

  • 9 pm: Talk to your spouse about your day, then go to sleep

The MedCerts class design fits your life, not the other way around. You can complete the course while working around your current responsibilities, so you never have to worry about dropping the ball on something important.

The Best MedCerts Programs for Military Spouses

The MedCerts programs listed below are popular among military spouses for their flexibility and mobile career opportunities:

You can learn more about these programs by visiting their MedCerts pages, or you can find out how to apply for a MyCAA scholarship to fund your education.

Education that Fits the Military Spouse Life

As a military spouse, your life isn’t quite like anyone else’s. Your education doesn’t need to be, either. By working with MedCerts’ flexible online learning programs, you can get the training you need to start a career that’s just as mobile as you are.

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Published on February 2, 2022


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