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From suggestions about what movies you might enjoy to driver-assist technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is already a part of our everyday lives — and all signs indicate that it will only keep growing. According to CBS News, AI could take over as many as 80% of current jobs in the future. Although we're far from the type of general AI imagined in movies about robots taking over the world, machine learning is increasing AI's ability to perform specific tasks extremely well.

The release of ChatGPT at the end of November 2022 has increased speculation about how far we can push AI's capabilities. The large language learning model launched by OpenAI can write term papers, code programs, produce law briefs, and write fiction in seconds. While it's impossible to know what the future holds, there are some steps you can take to help your clients develop skills that no AI can replace.

What Jobs Will AI Replace?

There are some tasks that computers handle far more efficiently than humans. Jobs that are repetitive and easily automated will be the first to be replaced. You've probably already noticed that self-checkouts have replaced many cashiers. McDonald's just opened its first fully automated restaurant, with more likely to follow. Some other jobs AI technology is likely to replace in the future include:

  • Telemarketers

  • Bookkeeping clerks

  • Receptionists

  • Couriers

  • Retail salespeople

  • Factory workers

If you have clients training for new careers, you may want to steer them away from these types of jobs.

Jobs That AI Can't Replace

The good news is that AI is creating more jobs than it replaces. The tech talent shortage continues to increase. By 2030, the tech talent gap is expected to reach 85 million jobs globally. The key to thriving in a world of AI is to innovate and train for jobs that can coexist and benefit from AI. If your clients attend the most innovative schools, like MedCerts, that are ready for the future and train students in jobs that AI will enhance instead of replace — such as healthcare and information technology — they won't have to worry about finding themselves replaced by a computer program.


AI is already playing an important role in healthcare, but the industry is thriving because of it. Training for a position such as a Certified Health Unit Coordinator will give your clients the education they need to launch a rewarding career in a competitive industry where jobs are plentiful and salaries are high.

Information technology

Information technology (IT) jobs will always be in demand, no matter how pervasive AI becomes. Network administrators and cybersecurity professionals power and protect the systems that drive machine learning, data analysis, and other types of AI. These certifications will prepare your clients for long-term career success in a lucrative field.

Future-Proof Your Clients' Jobs

When your clients come to you for advice about unemployment training, steer them toward careers that aren't likely to be replaced by AI. Healthcare and IT are both fields that will continue to grow and be enhanced by new technologies. MedCerts is on the cutting edge of these industries, offering personalized, online training that equips your clients for a lifetime of success.

Portrait of Rafael Castaneda
Senior Vice President of Workforce Development

With more than 20 years in the postsecondary arena, Rafael has focused on workforce strategies that build programmatic pathways for unemployed and underemployed students from underserved populations.

Before joining MedCerts, Rafael was the chief academic officer and dean of education at CBD College, a private two-year allied health college in Los Angeles. He also served as a strategy and innovation leader for Jobs for the Future (JFF) crafting connections between postsecondary actors and thought leaders. He is a member of the advisory board of the University of California, Irvine’s Customer Experience Program. Rafael has worked with over 2K schools and 1K workforce organizations & employers on solutions.

He strongly believes the three-legged stool of workforce success are schools, businesses, and community organizations but they need a catalyst and that is where MedCerts comes in – as the driver of the solutions to supplement and complement the three.

A passionate believer in education as a great equalizer, Rafael joined MedCerts because the organization provides the opportunity to actively participate in bridging the digital divide and skills gap for unserved populations of students. This extremely rewarding and tangible championing of education-based initiatives alongside serving all demographics students provides a rare opportunity to not just speak, but do.

Rafael is a husband to a brilliant and talented wife, father to two ambitious daughters, and an active member of his community. You will find him at a spin class most weekday mornings and doing outside activities with his family and their French bulldog, Penny, on the weekends. He has lived and worked in all time zones and in nine states over the past 12 years. Connect with Rafael on LinkedIn.

Published on January 11, 2023


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