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We live in a world that personalizes everything, from grocery coupons to Instagram ads. Did you know that 70% of customers — almost three in four people — expect to see personalized marketing from their favorite brand?

This "just for you" culture has trickled through to education and is a welcome change. With personalized learning, students move through a course or program at their own pace. They can study from anywhere and do their classwork when it's convenient.

But students in personalized learning programs aren't alone. To truly personalize a course, instructors and support professionals have to stay in touch and offer assistance and motivation. It's the best of both worlds.

Personalized Learning vs. Traditional Learning

Most adults remember education as something prescribed and uniform. You'd go to school, sit in a classroom and listen to a teacher. If you didn't learn the material in time for the test, you could fail.

Personalized learning challenges those norms, opening education to more people than ever before.

Learn from Anywhere

This may be the greatest personalized learning advantage for military students. You can take a personalized curriculum with you when you move — sometimes even on deployment.

Study Anytime

The unpredictability of military life makes traditional learning notoriously inaccessible. Personalized learning is different.

With a program like MedCerts, you can watch lectures and do assignments on your schedule. No need to worry about showing up for class. Your materials are there when you need them.

Receive Support

Have a question? With personalized learning, you can reach out whenever you need help. Course providers like MedCerts offer student-friendly DIY tools like chatbots, FAQs, plus live personal education consultants, student success advisors, and career coaches.

How Can You Recognize Personalized Learning?

Not all online learning opportunities are personalized. Look for these green flags before you pick a program.

Interactive Learning Tools

Personalized learning recognizes that everyone learns differently. At MedCerts, we offer a variety of interactive multimedia tools, including:

  • Animated 3D procedure demonstrations

  • Immersive simulations

  • Interactive skill practice

  • Expert demonstrations

  • Game-based activities.

Help When You Need It

We all need guidance and support to succeed. Personalized programs let you learn at your own pace while monitoring your success and stepping in if needed.

If you're shopping around for a personalized learning program, look at the provider's student support practices. Look for support that's responsive (you reach out to them) and proactive (they reach out to you).

Individualized Feedback

Personalized programs track your learning and offer targeted feedback on your progress. At MedCerts, for example, you'll get regular nudges and reach outs from our student advisors. You'll also get personalized quizzes and practice questions geared toward your certification, and we'll let you know how you're doing.

Getting Started

Committing to a learning program is a challenge for service persons and military spouses, but MedCerts is here to help. Our educational consultants have direct experience working with service personnel and their families, and they're ready to guide you to the right personalized programs. Plus, as a MyCAA approved school, eligible military spouses can take MedCerts programs at no cost.

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Published on October 26, 2022


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