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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Some case managers make the mistake of thinking that the only avenue for education and career training for their clients is a traditional community college. But times have changed, and people are becoming more comfortable with online learning. What’s more, many remote learning platforms have already cultivated strong reputations for success from their students.

MedCerts is an established online training program with many courses that can be underwritten with WIOA funding. MedCerts students can get certified and supported on their journey toward building a new career.

Many clients will ask about the process of enrolling and learning with MedCerts as a WIOA program. It’s easier than you think. MedCerts’ student-focused approach and immersive training ensure success from the start and will put your client on track to pass their certification exam and land that first job.

Student Enrollment Consultation

The first step for students to build their new career is to schedule an appointment with a MedCerts Education Consultant. This expert is here to answer questions and share more information about the available programs and career opportunities that can be funded through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.


Once the student sees their options, MedCerts pairs the student with a one-on-one expert mentor who will help create an individualized online learning plan. They will review the process for remote learning in a way that’s similar to orientation at a traditional school. The main difference is the state-of-the-art learning tools that MedCerts uses to help their students master material.

Online Course Begins

Courses can last anywhere between three to 23 weeks, depending on what career training track the student chooses to pursue. During that time, they can live chat, email, text and call with an advisor and experts in their field of study. Students can get guidance and receive answers to questions as they work through their courses and gain confidence in their growing abilities.

Experiential Learning

You may believe that in-person experience is invaluable. MedCerts does too. Through a vast network of employers, the student’s advisor can help find opportunities for internships, externships, job shadowing and volunteer programs throughout the country when clinical training is required. These hands-on learning opportunities help improve students’ resumes and understanding of what their new careers will look like in the real world.

Course Completion

Help from MedCerts doesn’t end after the student completes their course. Mentors can help their students find testing locations, provide practice exams, and answer questions. MedCerts also considers a student successful only after they earn their certificate and land their first job — not when they finish the course.


All testing fees are included in the cost of tuition, so students won't have to worry about WIOA funding not being able to pay for everything. MedCerts not only supports students as they achieve certification, but also provides tips for job interviews to get them ready for their future.

Help Clients Create Their Future

Combining WIOA with MedCerts will help your clients gain the skills and knowledge they need to feel confident in pursuing their professional goals. Provide the best support for your clients and review the 40 different MedCerts programs that qualify today.

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Published on August 17, 2020