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My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) is a scholarship program for military spouses. Sponsored by the Department of Defense, it offers up to $4,000 in funding for eligible spouses to pursue a license, certification or associate degree tied to a particular career field.

MyCAA funding goes to training in careers that are in-demand and highly portable—both qualities that are important to military families. If you qualify for MyCAA funding, you may be able to complete a job training course at little to no cost to you.

What Does MyCAA Funding Cover?

MyCAA covers tuition for approved courses related to your Education and Training Plan. It covers certificate programs, licensure programs, and the core courses for associates programs. Covered courses must build toward a particular career goal and lead to a recognized credential.

What Does MyCAA Funding Not Cover?

As a rule of thumb, MyCAA funds won’t cover any expenses that don’t progress you toward your Education and Training Plan goal. That includes:

  • Courses that you’ve already started or completed

  • Books and other supplies not included in the tuition for an approved course

  • College entrance exams and exam prep courses

  • Fees that an employer would pay as part of on-the-job training

  • Ungraded or nonacademic courses

  • Courses for a bachelor’s degree or higher

  • Continuing education courses for certifications you already have

  • Personal enrichment courses and associate degrees without a career emphasis

What Are Some Approved Programs You Can Explore?

While it’s important to know the limitations of MyCAA funding, it’s even more important not to get stuck in the “can’t.” MedCerts offers a wide variety of approved MyCAA programs designed to help people like you start careers in healthcare, IT, veterinary services and more.

EKG Technician

MedCerts’s EKG Technician program can prepare you to perform important heart function testing in just 11 weeks. It teaches technical skills as well as patient care practices that help you to reassure and guide patients through the electrocardiograph (EKG) procedure.

The program is geared toward getting you ready to take your Certified EKG Technician (CET) exam. You’ll also earn a Customer Service Certified (CSC) credential.

Course Demo

Veterinary Assistant

This 26-week program prepares you to work with veterinarians and vet techs in busy offices. Vet assistants work directly with animals and their owners. They also perform crucial support tasks like stocking exam rooms and processing lab tests.

MedCerts’s program includes a six-week externship and prepares you to apply as an Approved Veterinary Assistant.

IT Support Professional

If technology interests you more than biology does, MedCerts’s IT Support Professional program might be the right choice. It prepares you to maintain and troubleshoot computer hardware, software, applications, and networking technologies.

Students who complete the 10-week program can apply for the IT Fundamentals+ and A+ certifications from CompTIA.

Ready to Take Advantage of MyCAA Funding?

MyCAA funding doesn’t cover everything, but it does cover the cost of studying toward your chosen career goal. The most important thing is to choose a MyCAA-approved program like those listed above.

If none of those programs appeal to you, there are many more options available—including a 14-week dental assisting program and a 19-week medical front office administration program. To learn more about your choices and get advice on which might suit your career goals, speak with a MedCerts representative today.

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Published on March 23, 2021