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ATTN Military Spouses: For a limited time, the Department of Defense has expanded eligibility for My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) to the first 1,250 approved applicants in the ranks of E-6 and O-3. MedCerts is an approved school for the MyCAA scholarship.

The MyCAA scholarship is designed to provide eligible military spouses a way to fund their education. The ultimate goal is to provide you with a career that you can use no matter where you may be living at the time.

Do I Qualify For MyCAA?

If you are wondering who is eligible for MyCAA, there are two main MyCAA qualifications that must be met. First, one must be the spouse of an active duty service member (Title 10 military orders) that fall in these pay grades:

  • E-1 to E-5
  • W-1 to W-2
  • O-1 to O-2

The other factor for eligibility for MyCAA is that you can begin and complete all of your coursework while your spouse remains within the above-listed pay grades. This is also true for members of the National Guard and their spouses.

Who Is Not Eligible For MyCAA?

You do not meet the MyCAA eligibility requirements if:

  • You are also a service member on Title 10 military orders
  • You are married but legally separated from your active duty spouse
  • Your spouse is in the Coast Guard
  • Your spouse is in or above E-6, W-3, or O-3
  • Your active duty spouse is retired, in Transition Status, Post Demobilization or Post Deployment, or Warning Orders/Alert
  • You cannot begin and complete your coursework before your spouse advances out of the eligible pay grades or is discharged

MyCAA Eligibility and Career Choices

Not all career and education programs meet MyCAA qualifications. So it is just as important to know what is eligible for MyCAA and what isn't covered by the scholarship, as it is to know who is eligible.

Fortunately, all of MedCerts' IT (Information Technology) and Healthcare programs are MyCAA-approved. Both of these fields have a high demand for competent, highly skilled employees who want to excel in their chosen field. Those who have received training in these areas often find several job openings no matter where they are.

The courses offered by MedCerts are 100% online and you can work at your own pace without strict schedules or rushing through the course material. We also offer a range of payment plans for those who aren't eligible or have already used their entire MyCAA scholarship. Schedule an appointment with one of the Education Consultants to help develop your education and training plan today.

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Published on March 6, 2019