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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

If you have clients that are looking to get out of unemployment and launch a promising new career, they probably hope to achieve these goals quickly. Community college programs that can take months or years to complete may not be the best fit for a client who wants to become job-ready as soon as possible.

An online IT certification program, like the Fundamentals of IT program offered by MedCerts, can be a smart use of WIOA funding for clients. This type of IT training allows job seekers to gain in-demand skills and complete their training in a matter of weeks. There are several reasons why a Fundamentals of IT program can help job seekers get on the fast track toward a new career in this growing field.

Making Smart Choices with WIOA Funding

One of the key reasons why the Fundamentals of IT program is a great use of WIOA funding is its versatility. Your clients can use this program to develop the skills needed for a wide range of IT jobs. The training program also prepares students for the CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF) certification. Not only does an ITF certification help job seekers land great positions in the field of IT, but it also provides a strong foundation of knowledge that students can apply toward further study if desired.

Unlike traditional degree programs designed to prepare students for IT careers, the Fundamentals of IT program can be completed in just four weeks. For clients who need to break the cycle of unemployment, this short time frame can be a real game-changer.

Mastering the Basics of Information Technology

Some clients might be intimidated by the thought of an IT training program because they fear the coursework will be too technical and complicated. That's what makes the Fundamentals program so valuable. Instead of taking a deep dive into a specific area of technology, the program provides foundational knowledge on a broad range of IT topics.

A foundational, broad approach makes the world of information technology accessible to all students, even ones with no prior technical experience. For students who may wish to pursue more advanced IT certifications down the line, the program provides a solid starting point for further study.

Preparing for the Jobs of Tomorrow

Information technology has experienced explosive growth in recent years. In fact, IT jobs are predicted to be among the fastest-growing through the next decade. If your clients have been considering IT technician school or some other form of IT training, they may want to look into a certification program. With a curriculum that covers multiple areas of information technology, students who complete the program are prepared not only for positions available today, but also for the jobs of tomorrow.

Getting out of unemployment isn't always easy, but the right credentials can help pave the way for an exciting new career path. The Fundamentals of IT program offered by MedCerts can get students on track for in-demand IT jobs while providing the flexibility they need to make it through. Contact us to learn more about how MedCerts can help your clients position themselves for success in the field of information technology.

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Published on November 5, 2019