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If you have customers who are looking to launch new careers, there's no doubt you'd like to see them employed sooner rather than later. Traditional degree programs at community colleges can take years to complete, especially if job seekers need to fit classes into an already busy schedule.

A medical billing program, on the other hand, offers the flexibility your clients need and can get them job-ready in just 12 weeks. Let's take a closer look at why medical billing programs are such an effective use of WIOA funding.

Making the Most of WIOA Funding

Job seekers who are eligible for funding through the WIOA program will want to make the most of this financial assistance. Not all degree programs or training programs are created equal—some take much longer than others to complete, and some don't provide a direct path to a career. That's where a medical billing course helps applicants stand out from the crowd.

For example, the medical billing training offered by MedCerts takes only 12 weeks to complete and prepares students for the Medical Coder & Biller Certification (MCBC). With this certification and the knowledge gained through the training program, job seekers are fully qualified for positions in the world of medical billing and coding.

A Bright Job Outlook

Another reason to consider using WIOA funding for a medical billing course is because of the great job outlook for the field. There's no better time to become a medical biller or coder.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth of 11 percent or more is predicted in the medical billing industry. This trend ties in closely with an overall increase in the demand for healthcare as the "baby boomer" generation ages. The healthcare industry needs talented medical billers to handle all the paperwork needed for insurance reimbursement.

All of this growth translates to more job opportunities and increased job security; it also makes it easier for your clients to switch employers throughout their careers.

Opportunities for Advancement

Once your client obtains their MCBC certification and jumps into the world of medical billing and coding, there will be plenty of opportunities to grow and advance in the field. They could obtain additional certifications to boost their skills even further—these advanced credentials can help candidates land lucrative medical billing jobs that require specialized knowledge.

Experienced medical billers and coders can also move into management positions as they progress in their careers. Their strong understanding of the complex medical terminology required for billing and coding makes it even easier to pivot into other healthcare fields in the future.

Launching a new career doesn't need to take months or years. If you want to help your clients get job-ready in a matter of weeks, a medical billing program is a terrific use of their WIOA funding.

The certification program offered by MedCerts helps students qualify for jobs in an in-demand healthcare field while providing the flexibility and support they need to succeed. Contact us for more information on how MedCerts can help your clients take control of their futures.

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Published on May 5, 2020