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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

If a client is looking for a career with a projected increase in job opportunities and potentially limitless upward mobility, they may be interested in computer and information technology. As companies expand and technology continues to modernize, the forecast for jobs in this industry looks rosy for the next decade.

With technology playing such a vital role in every aspect of life and business, many people are aware of the need for more IT positions. However, they're not sure how to begin.

As a case manager, you can connect these people with the training they need, using WIOA funding, to be qualified for an entry-level position at an IT helpdesk. But what makes IT helpdesk careers such a great place to start?

1. IT Certifications Don’t Take Years

Instead of signing up for years of community college, future IT professionals are able to prepare themselves for internationally recognized certifications in just 18 weeks. MedCerts offers online training that gets students ready for CompTIA A+ and Network+ certification exams.

These certifications allow students to demonstrate proficiency in a variety of devices and operating systems. Students will be able to design, configure and troubleshoot systems when needed, whether the network is wired or wireless.

2. Helpdesk Technicians Get Additional On-the-Job Training

According to Computer World, the IT helpdesk is an ideal launchpad because it offers both hard and soft-skill development. These professionals learn the ins-and-outs of real-world systems and technologies. Plus, they develop interpersonal skills that make them more attractive to future employers offering better pay and opportunities.

By working with IT administrators, entry-level IT helpdesk professionals will quickly become well-versed in the operation of networks, email systems, web browsers and more. With time, they'll be qualified to work as supervisors, training junior helpdesk technicians or working as helpdesk managers.

3. There's a Growing Need for IT Helpdesk Jobs

Computer systems aren't going anywhere. Products are being launched nearly every day, and upgrades cause problems that other professionals aren't capable of resolving.

As companies continue to expand their operations and invest in new technology, they’ll need more and more professionals to resolve the issues that are going to arise. For other workers in the company to remain at their most efficient, IT helpdesk professionals play a critical role.

4. It's the Beginning of a Potentially Lucrative Career

To start, many IT helpdesk administrators make around $26,000 per year. But that's just the beginning. In larger markets and corporations, IT professionals can earn up to $80,000. As the training dovetails with real-world experience, these high-tech skills become more valuable.

The demand for skilled professionals is expected to grow over the next decade and beyond. As a result, currently unemployed people can quickly excel in positions that pay well while also receiving the respect they deserve.

WIOA Offers Funding for Training

In their jobs helping prospective students discover training opportunities for career advancement, case managers know how challenging it is to connect people with a rewarding career. Even when the will is there, the funding necessary may not be.

Luckily, the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act may be able to pay for IT helpdesk technician training. Then once certified, getting involved in this employment field can help your clients jump-start a new career and find success, all thanks to your recommendation.

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Published on April 25, 2019