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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Online learning is growing. Revenues in the online learning industry have grown by more than 900% in the last 20 years—and the industry is expected to nearly triple by 2025.

Why has it increased in popularity? Simply put, eLearning is accessible, affordable, convenient and practical. And amid a global pandemic – online learning may be the safest option for continuing to train and educate students, working professionals and more.

Who Might Benefit from Online Learning?

Anyone can benefit from learning new skills online. Learning through the internet doesn’t come with the inconveniences and stressors typical of traditional classroom learning does—such as bad weather, traffic and often expensive tuition fees.

Anyone Looking for Accommodating Learning Environments

Online career training is ideal for anyone with a busy or action-packed schedule. Some people who would especially benefit from online training include:

  • Single parents
  • Recent high school graduates
  • Military spouses
  • Working parents

Training In-Person vs. Online: What’s the Difference?

While in-person learning in a physical classroom has its perks, online learning is typically much more convenient. Apart from the dissimilarities in cost and schedule, below are some other key differences.

Social Pressure and Embarrassment

The virtual classroom format eliminates the social pressure of in-person participation, especially with asynchronous learning. Each learner works in their own way. Online training provides a safe environment for students to learn without fear.

Material Comprehension and Retention

In a virtual classroom setting, learners can consume information in small and digestible chunks. Students are better equipped to organize and retain information, improving their overall learning experience and performance.

Flexibility Around Real Life

Many adult learners have commitments, including work and kids, that will always take priority over education. Online programs allow students to log in when it fits their schedule, so there's no risk of missing class.

Getting Started with Online Career Training?

At MedCerts, our certification exam pass rates are 20% higher than the national average. But what really sets MedCerts apart is our student support. We deliver the most impactful, professional and results-driven support found in online education today. Beginning with enrollment, a new student receives one-on-one attention throughout the program into their career search.

We also have WIOA program experts on staff and are partnered with American Job Centers as an approved training vendor in more than 30 states. We understand the needs and wants of students using workforce funds and reporting requirements of case managers (like you).

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Published on November 11, 2020