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Want to increase completions, credentialing and placement outcomes? Learn how through our monthly MedCerts Workforce Webinar series!

Each month we’ll focus on a different topic specifically aimed at helping case managers, board members and all other workforce professionals improve their outcomes – all in just 15-minute sessions! 

We launched our series on Wednesday, March 24th with the topic Building a Stronger Workforce Together & What’s New in 2021. This presentation gave a brief overview of MedCerts, our newest program launches and partnerships, and how to get your grant programs featured in local news media. Watch the concise 15-minute presentation below or read on for more details.

Some highlights from the presentation:


Jon-Eric Cornellier, MedCerts Marketing Director

Marcy Miller, MedCerts Regional Workforce Manager

What’s New?

New Program Launches - We have 13 new programs scheduled for release in 2021 including two which launched earlier this year:

New Partnerships - We’re always growing our healthcare employer and workforce grant partnerships, our three latest include:

  • SkillUp Coalition Together Fund - We joined SkillUp Coalition to provide rapid upskilling opportunities for workers displaced by COVID-19. This collaboration produced the SkillUP Together Fund which aims to provide immediate tuition and training assistance to at least 30,000 frontline workers.

  • Equus Workforce Solutions - We partnered with Equus Workforce Solutions to connect career seekers with training and registered apprenticeship opportunities in the in-demand industries of healthcare and IT.

  • National Association of Workforce Boards -We’re proud to be named a "Business & Industry Alliance Champion" by NAWB and have collaborated on technology-based learning solutions to help local workforce boards offer additional reskilling resources. This partnership has also allowed us to produce content for the workforce population to expand upon skill development, training, and employment. Look out for our Town Hall Event with NAWB in mid-April!

Public Relations Opportunities

  • Let us help drive your client participation through press outreach! Our Regional Workforce Managers and PR Team can work with you to get the word out about your grant opportunities through local radio, newspaper, television and online press – at no cost to you!

  • Since February, we’ve had 30 press placements in 5 states for our workforce partners

To learn more about MedCerts, our workforce partnerships or how to get press placement for your funding opportunities, reach out to the Regional Workforce Manager in your area. Find their information here.

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Published on March 25, 2021