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What does an Electronic Health Records and Reimbursement Specialist do?

With coding, reimbursement and electronic health records certifications, you’ll have the flexibility to work in physician offices, insurance billing offices, reference laboratories, nursing home facilities, wellness clinics and hospitals who all desire your expertise in the field. Responsibilities could include handling personal patient data and health records, document management and security, medical insurance reimbursement and back-office medical support in healthcare settings.

Entry Level Jobs Available In The US
According to Burning Glass jobs data, Electronic Health Records and Reimbursement Specialist will see available jobs grow 33.9% over the next ten years

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Training Options ForElectronic Health Records and Reimbursement Specialist

MedCerts programs are one of the fastest and most affordable ways to receive a quality education that leads not only to a credential, but also a career

MedCerts Two and Four Year Colleges Other Online Programs
Program & Tuition Cost $4000 average Up to $20,000 $3000 average
Exam Fees, Books & Materials Included Up to $750 Up to $750
Job Ready In 3-6 months 24-48 months 3-6 months
Schedule/Flexibility On-demand 24/7 Set Class Schedule On-demand 24/7
Travel Requirements None - 100% online On-Campus Classrooms None - 100% online
Student Support Personal Student Advisors, Subject Matter Experts & 24/7 support Professors - scheduled office hours Support Inbox
Career Coaching 1-1 Coaching + Career Toolkit to prepare for a lasting career Access to Career Services Dept. None
Content Delivery 3D animations, immersive environments, interactive activities, game-based learning Professor lectures Typically videos & presentations

This table is for reference only. Actual prices, durations and features may vary. Pricing is based on full-cost tuition for a Medical Assistant or similar program before financial aid.

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“I am so glad that I chose MedCerts online training program. This is a great school to learn valuable skills for starting a new career within the medical field or if a person is already in a medical environment and want to enhance their learning to go to another level. I just took my CEHRS National Exam on Saturday and have gotten my results back within 24 hours online. I PASSED!!! I am so overjoyed and thankful!:)...I would like to thank my Senior Academic Adviser who helped me to review for the exam. She is so patient and very knowledgeable in detail and answered any questions I had while we studied together. She was so confident in me that I will do great and that helped me to think positively that I would do well and pass!:).”


HI 4000 Electronic Health Records and Reimbursement Specialist

Our Electronic Health Records and Reimbursement Specialist program is the ultimate opportunity to learn coding, reimbursement, insurance and everything health records. Through five courses – Human Anatomy & Medical Terminology, Insurance Billing, & Coding Essentials, Electronic Health Records and Microsoft Office – you’ll learn the essentials necessary for a career in a medical front office handling coding and reimbursement.  

Our program will prepare you to gain certification as a Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist (CEHRS) and attain the Medical Coder & Biller Certification (MCBC). After passing the exam(s), you will be qualified for the appropriate handling of personal patient data and health records, as well as document management and security, medical office procedures, medical insurance reimbursement and back-office medical support in healthcare settings. With your knowledge of the ICD-9 and the new ICD-10 codes for medical diagnoses and procedures, you will have the advantage in the billing and coding market. 

Career opportunities available to you with these certifications include Electronic Health Records Specialist, EMR / EHR Assistant, Health Information/Medical Records Administration/Administrator, Records Documentation Specialist, Medical Office Computer Specialist/Assistant, Medical Records Clerk, Professional Medical Biller and more!

skills gained

  • Comprehend payment adjudication, various claim statuses and the resubmission process
  • Audit patient records for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Understand basic human anatomy and the terminology utilized in medical billing
  • Employ Electronic Health Record and related Practice Management applications
  • Document examination information, scheduling treatments and process laboratory tests
  • Collect clinical information for inclusion in reports such as quality improvement studies
  • Perform basic coding to submit claims for reimbursement for insurers
  • Process release of information (ROI) requests for medical records
  • Review patient records to ensure they are complete, and collect patient demographic and insurance information
  • Identify and comply with HIPAA/HITECH, CMS and other healthcare regulations and laws
  • Differentiate between CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10-CM, HCPCS codes and know how to file a claim
Enrollment Requirements
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Web browser with internet connection
  • Course registration & payment
Materials Included
  • Expert-led video based training
  • eBooks: Integrated Electronic Health Records
  • Competency assessments
  • National Certification exam fee
Student Services
  • Dedicated Student Success Advisors
  • Tailored support based on performance & behavior
  • Exam preparation process
  • Career Services Advisor

courses taken

HI 1014

Introduction to Human Anatomy and Medical Terminology

96 hours
6 Week

This course is designed to familiarize the student with the language of medicine, through the study of prefixes, suffixes, root words, abbreviation, and pronunciation of words. The curriculum also includes an overview of anatomy and physiology in order to increase the understanding of medical vocabulary. Students will examine the organization of the integumentary, musculoskeletal, hematic, lymphatic and immune, and cardiovascular systems in the human body. They will become familiar with the medical terms that relate to the respiratory, digestive, nervous, endocrine, reproductive, and excretory systems. Students will also examine terms related to the sensory organs, with a concentration on the organs for hearing, sight, and smell. This course will prepare students to better understand spoken and written interactions in all medical environments.

  • Recognize the structure and function of the 11 body systems and their organs
  • Understand the medical language that is used to describe those systems
  • Analyze and understand medical terms by breaking down their word components
  • Appreciate the major diseases and conditions related to the human body
  • Apply your knowledge within the healthcare setting
HI 1015

Insurance and Billing, and Coding Essentials

96 hours
6 Week

This course provides foundational knowledge required of an administrative allied healthcare professional with insight and focus on the role of the Insurance Billing Specialist. Emphasis is placed on the revenue cycle and basic insurance terminology. This includes topics related to HIPPA and HITECH laws and regulations, patient financial responsibility, insurance verification, government and commercial insurance plans, diagnosis coding using ICD-10-CM, procedure coding using CPT and HCPCS, modifiers, and the encounter form. CMS-1500 and HIPAA 837P claim formats, payment processing, claim follow up and collections are also addressed.

  • Describe the phases of the revenue cycle and gain an understanding of basic insurance terminology
  • Demonstrate knowledge of confidentiality and billing laws, regulations, and standards
  • Explain verification of patient financial responsibility and insurance information
  • Differentiate government and commercial insurance plans and determine which is primary
  • Apply ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS codes and modifiers based on coding guidelines
MS 1000

Microsoft Office Basics

16 hours
1 Week

This set of courses includes basic (Level 1) training on the 3 core applications within the Microsoft Office Suite. Students learn the range of skills needed to create professional-quality documents and spreadsheets, and are trained to effectively use email communication tools in the office environment. The content covered includes how to create, edit and enhance documents in Microsoft Word, how to organize, calculate and analyze information in Microsoft Excel, and students will learn the basics of using email within Microsoft Outlook.

  • Prepare, edit, and enhance documents in Microsoft Word
  • Apply methods to organize, calculate, and analyze information using Microsoft Excel
  • Prepare and send professional email messages from within the Microsoft Outlook environment
HI 1018

Electronic Health Records

64 hours
4 Week

This course provides students with the skills and certifications for the development and maintenance of electronic health records in both facility and private practice environments. Upon completion of this course, students will be qualified to sit for the CEHRS, and will have gained the knowledge required to perform a variety office functions necessary in the digital/electronic age. Students are introduced to, and are provided training and practical application of skills in a variety of areas related to Electronic Health Records. Ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements will be covered along with training in the hands-on Electronic Health Record software. Students will also receive comprehensive training in the areas of Professional Fees, Billing, and Collecting, the Health Insurance Claim Form, Third-Party Reimbursement, Banking Services and Procedures, Health Information Management, Computers in the Medical Office, Medical Records Management, and much more.

  • Background in Software & Applications
  • Basic Insurance & Billing practices
  • Understand Electronic record keeping Chart components
  • The Regulatory Compliance Laws
  • How to identify differences between Reports
HI 1014 6
HI 1015 6
MS 1000 1
HI 1018 4
Total Program Duration 17 Week

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Electronic Health Records and Reimbursement SpecialistJob Opportunities

Medical Insurance Specialist

$32000 – $66000
Estimated Salary


Medical Billing Specialist

$27000 – $51000
Estimated Salary

Career Potential

Physician Biller

$30000 – $90000
Estimated Salary