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If you're an IT professional, you should be thinking about becoming an expert in cloud computing.

Although not a new concept, cloud computing is fast becoming the most valuable tool on the internet. Nearly every industry and modern business rely on the cloud — and an IT team with the knowledge to support it.

Eventually, most data storage and programming will be completely transferred to the cloud through web-based software, platform technology, and infrastructure development. Being at the forefront of this inevitable migration will allow you to excel in your career. 

MedCerts’ new 6-week online Cloud+ computing IT certification program is for experienced IT technicians who are looking to get ahead professionally. The program provides the necessary skills and training for thousands of high-paying jobs across the nation. 

Graduates of this program will be able to integrate the technologies and processes for optimal system performance within any number of fields

Do you have your head in the cloud? If you're an IT professional, you should be thinking about becoming an expert in cloud computing.

Prior Experience Necessary

To apply for the Cloud+ certification program, you must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED. Preferably, you’ll also have worked in IT networking, network storage or data center administration for at least two or three years.

Certification in CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Server+ is also encouraged, as Cloud+ is an intermediate level within CompTIA's Infrastructure Pathway.

Program Objectives

Experienced IT professionals can stay ahead of evolving technology by moving beyond vendor-specific training in a single cloud environment. The CompTIA Cloud+ certification is a vendor-neutral, performance-based initiative. It focuses on building competency in cloud infrastructure, cloud models, virtualization, infrastructure management, security and resource management.

The goal of this MedCerts course is to position professionals as specialized experts able to migrate whole organizations to the cloud. You'll learn how to navigate and mitigate risks while integrating seamlessly within the workforce development protocols of a company's team.

Fundamental objectives include:

  • Mastery of Microsoft Word and Excel programs
  • Enhanced customer service skills
  • Ability to implement cybersecurity controls
  • Understanding of system requirements for cloud migration
  • Competency in capacity, automation, connectivity and resources of cloud implementation

Program Details

MedCerts’ Cloud+ certification program consists of three courses aimed at building an IT professional’s skill base. Upon completion, students will be ready to take the CompTIA Cloud+ certification exam.:

Customer Service Professional – Level 1

This six-module online course equips students with the core skills necessary for customer satisfaction, whether in healthcare staffing or any other industry. Students who successfully complete the course earn the Certified Customer Service Professional designation from the ICSA.

CompTIA Cloud+

At the heart of this program, this section will prepare you for a 90-question certification exam, the cost of which is covered by MedCerts. Topics include analysis of system requirements, troubleshooting and the technologies and processes necessary for optimal system performance.

Microsoft Office Series I

IT professionals also must be experts in understanding the workings of Microsoft Word and Excel. This section of the program will enhance students’ Office proficiency.

Learn More About Cloud Computing

The Cloud+ cloud computing IT certification offers the resources, skills and hands-on training for IT professionals to level up their careers. To learn more about this new program, connect with MedCerts today.

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Published on July 29, 2020