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Are IT Certifications Worth IT?

IT certifications prove that you have the knowledge necessary to work with specific technologies and to perform specific tasks. They can improve your earning potential in three major ways:

First, they make it easier for you to get a position. If you are being compared to another applicant, then having certifications that the other applicant does not is going to make you the more attractive candidate.

Second, they make it easier for you to negotiate a higher starting salary. Someone who has a certification has specialized proven knowledge. Because you are going to be more desirable in the IT field, you will be able to request more money.

Finally, if you are already employed in the IT industry, IT certifications can potentially help you get promotions and salary raises later. If you are currently an IT professional but do not have any certifications, it's possible that you can argue for a raise based on acquiring one. Additional credentials, coupled with the experience that you have gained, and the accomplishments that you have made on the job will make you a highly sought after candidate in the job market and therefore can be used as leverage for a pay increase.

Do IT Certifications Matter?

The IT field is extremely competitive. An IT professional looking to break into the industry needs to take advantage of every opportunity that they can. IT certifications and certification courses are one of the fastest and most accessible ways of doing so.

The IT industry has been growing rapidly, and many employees are racing to fill in the gaps. Employers need a way to distinguish between employees who have real, specialized, and functional knowledge, rather than employees who may only have general IT experience.

IT certifications fill this need. Through IT certifications, employers can ensure that their applicants meet certain standards. By meeting these standards, you can make yourself more attractive to employers and more likely to get the job you want quickly.

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Published on May 1, 2020