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Forward-focused information technology professionals are always considering ways to be a step ahead of the ever-evolving demands of the industry. But what is the future of IT?

It can be difficult to think beyond the current needs of businesses to the future. Yet, this is the best way to stay relevant and attractive to managers looking to hire new IT professionals. For military students who want to transition to civilian life, it’s worth the work to investigate the skills that will be needed both now and in the upcoming years.

While no one has a crystal ball, certain trends are clear. For example, cybersecurity is becoming one of the costliest problems in business today. reports that the costs of data breaches in the United States rose from an average of $3.54 million in 2006 to $9.44 million in 2022. Most of the world’s larger companies require a cybersecurity plan as well as professionals to help oversee it.

Another noteworthy trend that speaks to the future of IT is how commonplace online healthcare has become in America and worldwide. McKinsey & Company reported that the use of telehealth is 38 times what it was before the coronavirus pandemic. While this new reality is interesting for medical professionals, it also speaks to a growing need for IT experts to help make these online appointments run smoothly.

To take advantage of these future-facing trends in IT, military students should consider MedCerts programs for online, remote learning. MedCerts is an approved vendor with the U.S. Department of Defense, with government grants that allow many programs to be low-cost and even no-cost.

Here is a look at three careers that are worth checking out:

Cybersecurity Analyst

With nearly 200,000 entry-level jobs available, certified cybersecurity analysts play an important role in stopping hackers and cybercriminals from disrupting the flow of business.

With this advanced training program from MedCerts, you can learn how to perform data analysis to identify vulnerabilities while combating the latest malware and threats. This career path will likely be even more necessary in the future than it is right now.

IT Support Professional

If you are just getting started on your IT career, you’ll want to consider an online course with MedCerts as an IT support professional. You’ll gain the knowledge you’ll need to earn the CompTIA ITF+ and CompTIA A+ certifications, which show you have an in-depth understanding of computer hardware, operating systems, computer application software and networking technologies. This remote class provides a launchpad for whatever IT career needs are in the future.

Healthcare IT Technician

As the entire healthcare industry is moving from paper to electronic files, the need for healthcare IT technicians is growing rapidly. With this online course, you’ll learn how to manage and troubleshoot network infrastructure, conduct risk mitigation for systems and create important security contingency plans.

How To Create a Future-Focused Career Plan

To decide which IT career path is best for you and to ensure you meet the needs of the future of IT, start by reaching out to a MedCerts Education Consultant. They can help answer your questions both about your academic journey and how to fund it.

The Army, Department of Defense, and Department of the Army are not affiliated with MedCerts and do not endorse our services.

Portrait of Mickey Gamoral
Written by Mickey Gamoral
Military Education Consultant

Mickey is a Platoon Leader for the Nevada Army National Guard and has been serving since September 2019. He joined the Army in an act of “now or never” as he neared his 30th birthday and had always dreamed of serving. Mickey is also an ASVAB coach and uses his education background to assist other soldiers through Gamonal Tutors.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and spent two and a half years in Morocco with the United States Peace Corps. He joined MedCerts in January 2020 and uses his combined Army and education experience to help soldiers take advantage of their Army Credentialing Assistance funding to pursue career training.

Mickey lives in Las Vegas, NV with his wife Sheena, who he considers his “rock”, and enjoys teaching snowboarding in his free time. He also has completed MedCerts Project Management program and hosts the ASVAB Domination podcast.

Published on August 9, 2023


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