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Healthcare facilities require appropriate staffing to provide the best patient care and create conducive health environments. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the healthcare sector has faced a significant staffing blow. The shortage was brought forth by healthcare provider exposures, illnesses and the need to care for ailing family members. The closure of most learning institutions during the pandemic also contributed to healthcare vacancies.

Thankfully, healthcare facilities can now focus on mitigating the staffing issue in the post-COVID world. So don’t worry if your healthcare facility has experienced a shortage of employees in the past. There are effective staffing solutions a hospital can use to get their team together again. Here is a short guide on healthcare staffing in the post-COVID-19 world.

Common Staffing Issues in the Healthcare Sector‌

Staffing issues have been present in the healthcare sector for a long time, and the pandemic only exasperated them. Here are some of the main causes of employee shortages in recent years:

  • Work overload due to increased patient volume

  • Too few staff due to the closure of training institutes and fear of exposures

  • Low salary which does not match the increased healthcare daily duties

  • Poor training

  • Lack of proper tools and facilities

Strategies to Solve the Health Staffing Issues

Healthcare facilities need to offer the utmost care and support during this time to attract more staff members. Luckily, most facilities have identified multiple strategies to improve the well-being of health workers and patients. Here are a few strategies that have proven helpful to many healthcare facilities amidst the pandemic period.

  • Provide the right work equipment and facilities

  • Offer better wages

  • Repeat temperature checking and absence of symptoms every day before starting work

  • Let the staff work in shifts to reduce overcrowding

  • Offer appropriate training and orientation to the new staff

  • Avoid racial discriminations regarding the transmission of COVID-19

Most importantly, each facility should have proper protocols for handling the workers who transmit the virus.

MedCerts Solution to the Healthcare Staffing Issues

The disruption caused by the pandemic has brought new and innovative eLearning opportunities for healthcare systems to use to restore their staff. MedCerts offers solutions for healthcare providers through upskilling, training new hires, apprenticeships and several other customizable eLearning models.

We turn students into medical experts and then connect them to the most needed places. We understand the importance of quality training in the healthcare industry; thus, we offer the best training services using modern tools and facilities. Our goal is to help the students adopt the best practices in the healthcare industry and relate the knowledge with real-life experiences.

Our entry-level credentialing allows individuals to kick-start their careers effectively within a short time. By enrolling in MedCerts online certification programs, healthcare professionals can improve their skills and help solve the shortage of healthcare workers during COVID-19.


Undoubtedly, the health care sector has experienced a significant blow since the pandemic struck. However, health care firms can continue to work on the staffing issues and become better equipped to handle future staffing concerns.

The good thing is, healthcare firms are now well-prepared to handle similar problems in the future. Training and adherence to the COVID-19 protocols are the key solutions to staffing shortages in healthcare.

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Published on August 9, 2021