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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

There are so many workforce development programs out there. It’s hard to find the right one for your clients. They depend on you to point them in the right direction, but if you’re not an educator yourself, how do you know what to look for?

And when you do find an education provider, how do you convince students to take the leap? After all, workforce funding only does its job if the student uses it.

That’s where MedCerts comes in. With a diverse portfolio of programs and reassuring student services, we’re ready to welcome your clients as new students. Our programs train for in-demand, growing career fields like healthcare and IT and for a nationally recognized certification, using engaging multimedia online learning.

Referring Students to MedCerts: What to Highlight?

Participants in workforce development programs like WIOA may be uncertain about their future. Many are struggling to feel confident. When you refer them to MedCerts, be sure to point out the advantages mentioned below.

Personal Education Consulting

Before a student chooses a course, they have the chance to speak with an educational consultant who will talk to them about their goals, skill sets and personal strengths. That way, students can log on for their first-class knowing that they’re in the right place.

One-on-One Coaching and Mentoring

Every student starts their MedCerts journey with a personalized orientation. Going forward, student success advisors are available to provide support and answer questions.

MedCerts also has a team of dedicated career coaches and advisors that reach out weekly to check-in. Between these conversations and advanced machine learning that tracks student progress, MedCerts students never have to feel like they’re alone in their learning journey.

Industry Network Connections

In the end, workforce development training is about landing a position and starting a career. Some education providers will provide training and then release their students into the world, but MedCerts makes that pivotal connection between learning and work.

MedCerts provides a personal career toolkit to each student and has connections with more than 1,000 healthcare and IT employers across the country including CVS, Walmart, Sanford Health and the American Red Cross.

How Can Potential Students Contact MedCerts?

The most effective way to refer a client to MedCerts is to connect with your personal Regional Workforce Manager. Speak with a Regional Workforce Manager today.

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Published on March 24, 2021