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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

It’s always easier to stick to a routine than embark on a new project — and MedCerts students know that’s especially true when it comes to studying for exams that demonstrate professional skill development.

Some students start celebrating the moment their online course is complete, but the reality is you can always pursue more training, experience, and qualifications within your industry. As well as feeling the thrill of graduating and starting a new career, you could begin planning to fine-tune your skills by stacking your credentials.

Professionals who are life-long learners tend to have more impressive resumes and, in turn, earn more money. You may be fully prepared for an entry-level position in healthcare, information technology, or another in-demand industry. But what about when you’re ready to take your career to the next level?

Just as Student Success Advisors were there for you during your classes, MedCerts is here and ready to help you move up in your career.

Stackable Credentials Means Career Growth

It may be hard to think about the next credentialing opportunity when you’re still focused on completing the work for a prior valuable credential. But that’s precisely the point of developing a habit of learning: By stacking your credentials, you will advance faster than if you didn’t.

Stackable credentials demonstrate qualifications and training that point you where you want to go. Prospective employers are always more impressed with candidates who actively work to excel within the industry through multiple training opportunities. With more than one credential, you’re more competitive for more job openings wherever you may live.

In short, stackable credentials mean upward mobility.

Examples of Stackable Credentials

One great field for stackable credentials is IT. Let’s say you’re just getting started in this growing field and just completed The Fundamentals of IT program. Once you pass the exam, you have an excellent credential to start work at a company’s helpdesk. But if you continue to pursue higher-level certifications, like CompTIA’s Network+ or Security+, you’ll get promoted fast.

Or, let’s say healthcare interests you, and you’ve completed the Medical Billing Specialist training and earned your MCBC certification. That will help you get a foot in the door of a doctor’s office, but you’ll be even more valuable if you earn a CMAA certification with the Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist course next.

MedCerts Offers 40% Off for Alumni

Still not sure you want to go back to school? MedCerts has sweetened the offer. Graduates of their programs already know how much support they can receive through the school, and now they also qualify for the Alumni Discount. Alumni will receive 40% off any of the more than 35 MedCerts certification programs available online.

You can position yourself to make more money and prove to your employer that you’re committed to your career. The results will more than pay for the certification course in the long run, especially with the Alumni Discount.

Keep Going with Your Education

Not sure of the next step in your career? The Education Consultants at MedCerts can help. Contact their one-on-one support experts to discuss what credentials are best for you.

Portrait of Sharon Balke
Written by Sharon Balke
Director of Career Services

Sharon Balke is the Director of Career Services for MedCerts. She is a graduate of St. Olaf College and has a Master’s degree in Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology from the University of Minnesota. She has been employed as a counselor in a variety of educational settings since 1992 and has been counseling in online programs since 1998. Before joining the Career Center at Capella University in 2008, Sharon was the co-founder and co-director of an award-winning online public high school, where she provided a range of student and parent services and developed online career services. Sharon is a member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA), and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). In addition, she co-authored an article on online career services, which was published in the Career Planning and Adult Development Journal (Spring 2017).

Outside of the field of career counseling, she’s on the Board of the Minneapolis-Ibaraki (Japan) Sister City Association, and enjoys spending time with her family and playing with her micro-Goldendoodle, Benny!

Published on June 20, 2022


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