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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Benefits of Partnership. More Opportunity, Better Results.

Whether students are looking to begin their career quickly, start working in the field while they earn their long-term degree or just supplement their education with a boost to their long-term studies – our certification programs can benefit them. For institutions like you – the perks include an expanded catalog of courses, improved job placement rates, flexibility to offer student discounts and revenue sharing opportunities. 

Our Healthcare Programs. A Career Jumpstart.

Our clinical healthcare certifications are perfect for medical students looking to gain skills quickly and join the industry while completing their degrees. It’s as easy as taking a 4-6 month program through us, starting work in the field and having a leg up on the competition when they finish their degree at your education institution. Plus, our online programs are designed to fit in their schedules and won’t interfere with other classes and priorities.

Our IT Programs. Stackable & In Demand.

We created our IT programs with a student’s lifelong career in mind. Our stackable certifications offer students the option of an additional resource in their studies, a supplement to their degree or a career pathing plan to quickly move up in the industry. These programs are the perfect complement to a light class schedule or a quick summer course option.

Healthcare Apprenticeships. Dept. of Labor Registered Intermediary.

The apprenticeship model is a ‘win-win’ in that students are paid while gaining clinical experience and employers are teaching real skills for the workforce. As a registered apprenticeship intermediary with the Department of Labor, find employers in your area and we’ll work with you to create a program. 

Marketing & Support. Access to Services.

Partnering with MedCerts means access to co-branded materials, specialized landing pages, enrollment forms and any other marketing materials you may need at your fingertips. We’ll do the heavy lifting and ensure our partnership is marketed professionally.

Let’s Partner Together. & Improve Education Offerings.

At MedCerts, we are always working to make sure our students have access to better careers, faster and that there are clear benefits and incentives for our partners. An education partnership opens doors for increased learning resources for students and revenue & placement benefits for institutions. Let’s build a better education system together.