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MedCerts has partnered with our Hospital/Healthcare System to create a unique train-and-hire program for people interested in becoming Medical Assistants and Phlebotomists.

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MedCerts and Grey's Anatomy Work Together on a Train-and-Hire Program for Students

MedCerts has partnered with Grey's Anatomy Healthcare Systems to create a unique train and hire program for people interested in becoming a Medical Assistant or Phlebotomist. Approved applicants will begin a 6 month online training program, with education expenses paid for by Grey's Anatomy in exchange for a two year work commitment.

After completing their training, students start a paid externship to receive hands-on training at a Grey's Anatomy Healthcare facility. Candidates who complete their externship and pass their certifying exams will be hired on on full-time as a Medical Assistant or Phlebotomist at Grey's Anatomy. Fill out the form to continue to part 2 of the application and connect with a Program Enrollment Advisor.

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  • Apply: apply to be a Medical Assistant or Phlebotomist entering into Grey's Anatomy's train-and-hire program
  • Payment: paid in full by Grey's Anatomy if you're accepted into their train-and-hire program
  • Enrollment: gain access to the platform and meet your advisor
  • Self-Guided Courses: work around your life & schedule
  • Certification Exam: earn your nationally recognized credential
  • Utilize your new skills to start a career with our Hospital/Healthcare System as a Medical Assistant or Phlebotomist!
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