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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Career-Focused Content. In High Demand Industries.

Our programs are laser-focused on the highest in-demand industries and teaching the skills employers look for most. Healthcare and IT are the two fastest growing fields in the US and certification shows employers that students have the expertise and skills that outweigh the competition.

Engaging, Affordable Education. For Every Type of Learner.

Four year universities and classrooms aren’t the right fit for everyone, but that doesn’t mean a rewarding, lifelong career is out of reach for those graduating seniors. Our online programs feature games, simulations and videos to teach all types of minds. Plus, we’re committed to debt-free higher education – most programs cost $4000 or less, including textbooks, materials and exam fees. 

Student Support. Every Step of the Way.

Our data-driven approach to support ensures students are getting what they need. Machine learning and AI is built into programs to tailor support based on student performance and behavior. Plus, personal advisors and career coaches reach out weekly to keep students motivated and on track.

Our Healthcare Programs. A Career Jumpstart.

Our clinical healthcare certifications are perfect for medical students looking to gain clinical experience in the industry while completing their long term degrees or someone with a desire to help others without the journey through medical school. Our programs are designed to fit any schedule – whether it includes a full time job, a packed class schedule or summer break. 

Our IT Programs. Stackable & In Demand.

We created our IT programs with a student’s lifelong journey in mind. Our stackable certifications offer students the option of an additional resource in their long term studies, a supplement to a full degree or a career pathing plan to quickly move up in the industry. 

Better Careers Start Here. Career Training for Graduating Seniors.

Our Education Consultants are here to help your students determine their career goals and see if MedCerts is the best decision for their future. Submit interested students below for 1-1 consultation which includes discussing their interests, local career outlooks and how they can get a better career, faster.