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Is Short-Term Online Career Training Right for You?

Money, motivation, and support. For students to be successful in pursuing their dream careers, all three are necessary.

Effective case managers motivate students by cutting the red tape and sharing their knowledge. For many prospective students, WIOA, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, can provide the funding. But as students work toward certification in their field and build networks to find employment, how can they receive meaningful support?

MedCerts provides that crucial piece of the puzzle for success. From individualized counseling and mentorship to cutting-edge resources and tools, students who choose MedCerts for online training can start building their dream career from the moment they first approach you.

Case managers are in a position to fully explain to students how the WIOA program can pay for tuition costs for career certification and training programs. However, to truly make a difference, make sure prospective students sign up for training centers, such as MedCerts, that will adequately support them and their efforts.

Money, motivation, and support. For students to be successful in pursuing their dream careers, all three are necessary.

Student Success is Everyone's Success

You care about your client’s future and want to ensure they will receive the support they need. MedCerts has a strong reputation for not only their students’ success in certification exams, but also in their ability to help students get good jobs once they pass courses. But what really makes MedCerts such a powerful training option?

Flexible Learning Schedules

Compared to traditional schooling, online education is designed with flexibility and student lifestyles in mind. If a student lacks transportation, is raising a small child, or dealing with a myriad of other valid reasons for not being able to attend classes regularly, remote learning is the ideal solution for them.

MedCerts has a web platform, proven courses for student success, and valuable experience facilitating online classes. Our work and academic expectations are clear and can be woven into the student’s normal day.

One-On-One Mentoring

MedCerts provides students with:

  • An orientation to help with online learning.
  • On-demand, live chat experts on the student’s subject matter of study.
  • One-on-one mentors that help customize study strategies.
  • Regular check-ins to make sure students are staying on track.

At MedCerts, we care about the success of each student and provide them with everything they need to excel in class and succeed in the field.

Exam Registration Help

You might not have time to help the student track down testing centers and schedule their exams, but the MedCerts team does. We work to reduce any obstacles stopping our students from reaching their goals.

12 Elements of eLearning

MedCerts courses and programs incorporate the “12 Elements of eLearning” to reach an Allied Health certification exam pass rate of 89% — a number that exceeds the national average by 20%. Our state-of-the-art learning tools include:

  • HD-quality instructor-led videos
  • 3D animations
  • Virtual interactive training scenarios
  • Clinical skills demos and simulations
  • Patient demonstrations and interactions
  • Interactive activities
  • Traditional textbook readings and assessments

Immersive Training

Online clinical skills demonstrations and simulations are helpful learning tools, but so are in-person internships and apprenticeships. MedCerts works with a national network of employers ready to build resumes and help students get their foot in the door.

Your Clients Will Feel Prepared

MedCerts is a powerful online career training option that provides WIOA-approved programs, individualized student support, and cutting-edge learning tools. Like MedCerts, you want to hear success stories. Learn more today about how you can help give clients the extra support they need to launch their new career.

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Published on August 31, 2020