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The internet has changed the workforce forever. In the past few decades, job training and hiring options have flourished. This is great for job seekers, but employers have had to significantly adjust their expectations.

This is especially true in healthcare staffing. As new training and hiring solutions have appeared, many healthcare facilities have found that their old strategies simply aren’t cutting it. Students and candidates are moving to new platforms, and teams have to change their healthcare staffing strategies accordingly.

Here are some old healthcare staffing solutions that no longer work — and what you can do instead.

The Four Traditional Healthcare Staffing Solutions to Avoid

If you’re prioritizing these solutions, you may be wasting your time and missing out on great candidates. The four traditional hiring methods to avoid today include:

Traditional Education Programs

For many years, associate degrees and other in-person education programs were the gold star in healthcare staffing. But they’re no longer the best way to find qualified workers. Many great candidates don’t have the time or resources to enter a full-time, in-person college or certification program.

If you restrict your staffing to people leaving traditional educational environments, you’ll have a much smaller pool of candidates and more hiring competition with other healthcare organizations.

On-the-Job Training

Another common solution used to be on-the-job training. Hiring someone without experience and teaching them as they worked was great for quickly bringing new people on board.

However, this type of training requires you to have extra staff with both the spare time and desire to teach someone from scratch. If you’re already feeling the pinch of too much to do and too few staff to do it, on-the-job training will only make it worse.

Job Fairs

Up until recently, job fairs have been a great way to interview multiple interested applicants on the same day. However, the rise of online job sites has made job fairs nearly obsolete. In industries that face a lack of workers — including healthcare — potential employees are unlikely to attend an in-person event when they can just submit their resumes online.


Recruiters actively seek out qualified candidates and offer them positions at your facility. But recruiters have been finding it more challenging to find qualified candidates through traditional channels.

The potential hires that recruiters do find often receive multiple offers every month. They either jump to the next best offer or are too loyal to their current employer to leave. Paying for a recruiter is unlikely to win you anything but job-hoppers.

How MedCerts Makes Healthcare Staffing More Effective

So, how are you supposed to hire staff when these traditional methods no longer work? The solution is to partner with an organization designed with modern hiring in mind. MedCerts can help you connect with qualified candidates who might not fit the traditional mold. Our employer partnership models have proven effective in helping fill the empty positions at healthcare systems across the country, no matter what their needs may be.

Healthcare staffing has changed, but that doesn’t mean it's necessarily more complicated. As long as you’re prepared to adjust to modern healthcare staffing trends, you can maintain your staff and keep your facility running worry-free.

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Written by Patrick Verda
Director of Partnerships

Patrick Verda is MedCerts' Director of Partnerships and a senior-level sales leader. With more than 20 years of sales and sales management experience in the Ed-Tech sector, Patrick understands the complex needs and challenges that organizations face, and he enjoys working collaboratively to address these challenges.

Patrick spent years in various sales and sales management roles at Blackboard, IBM, and Cengage Learning. Patrick earned a BA from Illinois Wesleyan University and a Master of Business Administration from Hamilton University.

Patrick resides in Bloomington, IL with his wife and four grown children. He is a member of the advisory board for the Chicago-based nonprofit 'Cardz For Kidz'.

Published on April 7, 2022


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