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Employment in healthcare provides an opportunity to help others and the opportunity for job security. It is the fastest-
Are you super-organized and always keeping everything around you disinfected and tidy? If so, you should think of how to
Whether you've recently graduated from high school or are a seasoned professional, the job market can be an intimidating
It's hard to imagine a medical facility without a professional coder. No one would know the medical codes, no one would
Behind the scenes of every busy operating room, there’s a team making sure that the surgical instruments are properly cl
If you’re looking for a long-term sustainable career, look no further than the healthcare industry. Employment in health
Healthcare is the fastest growing industry in America. In the next decade, there will be an estimated 1.9 million n
If you're open-minded and a bit adventurous, you'll see the world is your oyster after high school. Your options extend
As a medical assistant, you don’t always have to work in a clinical setting. While clinical workplaces are certainly on
In this day and age of a competitive workforce, it’s important to be highly skilled in fields that require specializatio
By 2028, an estimated 154,900 jobs will be added to the field of medical assisting. That translates to a 23% growth rate
Healthcare is the fastest-growing job field in the U.S. and offers excellent benefits, job security and the opportunity

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